Custom Villager Spawing


Make your own custom villagers spawn in villages and villager breeders in vanilla surival minecraft using this handler! Install the main module first and add the second, custom module on top of it. Add as many as you want!

Command Generator

Generate Your Villager Here:

Villager Kind to Replace:

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Get Base Command Here:


To Install this Handler, you need to install the Base command ,once, first. Put a command block down and put the base command in it. Activate it. The base should appear next to the command block.


To install your custom villager, firstly generate your villager command. Click [Click to Compile] to get the command and copy the output. Put a command block on top of the blue/purple repeating command block, and put your command inside it. Once you powered that one too, you are good to go! 

Instructional Video

Terms of Use

If you use this creation for public use or show/use it in a video, make sure you put a link to this webpage in the description of your video, and credit me if it is not a video (E.G. a sign at spawn if you use it on a server).