Tinkers' Construct 2

- Minecraft Version: 1.9.x + 1.10

- Multiplayer friendly

- 5 Command Install

- 162502

- 498 Command Blocks


  • Adds a Smeltery into the Game (Module 1 + 2 Required)
  • Smeltery can double the ore output of any vanilla ore
  • Smeltery requires lava to run
  • The Smeltery is a multiblocks structure that can face all directions
  • You can automate the smeltery
  • To make automation easier, a hopper for ore input can be added easily
  • If ores are put into the smeltery, they display inside the smeltery
  • There is a tooltip for the smeltery which shows the ores inside and the amount of smelting time left before the fuel runs out
  • Ores output in a dropper on the front side
  • Ores and lava can be put in using the furnace on the front side
  • Barriers prevent the player from falling in the smeltery
  • The smeltery can kill mobs and put's their loot in the smeltery, with a little bonus (works for Pigmen, Villagers, Iron Golems and Witches)
  • The smeltery can easily be destroyed
  • Tinkers tools can be created using a cast which can be added to the smeltery
  • The cast will use materials in the smeltery to create the tool
  • Every tool type has a different amount of modifiers
  • There are 8 types of modifiers to be added to a tool. Haste, Sharpness, Luck, Reinforced, Repair, Silky, Knockback and Fiery
  • Fiery on mining tools has the ability to smelt blocks when melted
  • High level tools are often more powerful and quicker than vanilla tools can be at their maximum
  • Multiple modifiers can be added onto tinkers tools
  • Modifying a tools is simple and quick
  • Tinkers tools will still work if the module is deleted (except for the fiery modifier)


To start off Tinkers' Construct, you need to build a smeltery. Build one by building a 3x3 floor of stonebrick, with a piece of obsidian in the middle. Add walls on the outside which are 3 wide and 4 tall (stonebrick). Jump on the obsidian with 3 glass, a furnace and a dropper in your inventory, and the smeltery will be created in the direction you are looking.


Fire up the smeltery before putting in ores. Do this by putting lava buckets in the fuel slot of the furnace. As long as the smeltery is lit, you can add ores in the smelt slot of the furnace. Do this one by one. To make this easier, throw a hopper on the top middle of the smeltery to add it. It will appear on the front face, and you can put ores in which the hopper will insert into the smeltery.


As long as the smeltery is lit, the ores will smelt into double their output which will end up in the dropper.


You can throw a crafting table and lever in the middle of every side of the smeltery to create a cast on that side. Flip the lever on the cast to stop the smelting process and start the casting process. Enter any wooden tool except for a hoe in the cast. If you have 4 iron, gold or diamond in your smeltery, this will create a tool of that material, which can be modified.


To modify a tool, you need to create a forge. Do so by throwing an anvil and blaze powder on the floor.

The chart above tells you how many of each block or item you need to throw onto the forge to add the modifier. Below you will find the modifier name, how many levels you can add to your tool, on which levels if will remove a modifier slot and what items the modifier consists of. The effect is behind that 

  • Haste - 4 lvls max - lvl 1 + 3 - 5 Redstone Blocks - Increase mining speed
  • Sharpness - 4 lvls max - lvl 1 + 3 - 9 Quartz Blocks - Increase melee damage
  • Luck - 3 lvls max - lvl 1 + 3 - 16 Lapis Blocks - Add fortune or looting
  • Reinforced - 3 lvls max - lvl 1 + 2 + 3 - 32 obsidian - Increase durability
  • Repair - 1 lvl - when added - 64 Moss stone - Repair tools with XP
  • Silky - 1 lvl - when added - 1 emerald - Silk touch
  • Knockback - 2 lvls max - lvl 1 + 2 - 10 pistons - adds knockback
  • Fiery - 1 lvl - when added - 1 blaze powder - adds lights hit mobs on fire or smelts some mined blocks

To modify a tool, add the modifier to the forge by throwing the modifier on the forge. Then throw the tool, after which you place it into the forge by left-clicking just over it. Make sure you stand on the long edge of the anvil, it will not work otherwise!

This Module in your Creation/Video

You are free to use this module in your maps, creations and video's. However do contact me on how you want to use this and for what purpose. You can do this in the Contact section. Never use this module without crediting both my channel and the creation itself.


To give you some information as to what I expect you to do:

  • Basic map, released to the public: Make sure the players know this module is installed and that I created it. Input an obvious tellraw/title with links to my channel and the main Tinkers' Construct video. Contact me whenever you use this map and when you released it. 
  • For Youtube reviews, you are allowed to use this creation of course. Leave the required links in your description. You do not need to contact me, but I would like to know :D.
  • For a youtube let's play, I expect you to leave credit on every video, in the same way as a review, plus, say in the first video that you are using this module. Let me know and send the link to the video where you named it,

Command Links

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Make sure that you run the required minecraft version! The command may make your world lag more, so make sure that your computer can handle it! 

I am not responsible for system crashes or loss of your minecraft world. If the command crashes your game, the command might be still in the command block the next time you open it!