Ore Magnets

- Minecraft Version: 1.9.x

- Multiplayer friendly

- 1 Command Install

- 17606

- 48 Command Blocks


  • End Game tool to make mining less tedious
  • Pull up all the ores in a 16x16 area from bedrock and up to the surface
  • All ores will be nicely piled up 
  • Mine all the ores easily without having to find any caves
  • Ores under water will be piled up on a platform of cobblestone generated at the water level.
  • All ores will be removed from their spot underground
  • No built blocks will be destroyed in the process


Throw an iron block, a redstone block and two diamonds together in one block, to create an ore magnet. The magnet will pop into your inventory and looks like an enchanted iron ingot. Throw the ore magnet anywhere in your world on the floor to activate it. The ore magnet will be destroyed in the process. 

Ores from the ground will now pile up on the surface. The last thing to do is to harvest!

Command Link

Click this text to get to the command. Make sure that you run the required minecraft version! The command may make your world lag more, so make sure that your computer can handle it! 

I am not responsible for system crashes or loss of your minecraft world. If the command crashes your game, the command might be still in the command block the next time you open it!