Infinite Storage in one Block

- Minecraft Version: 15w51B / 1.9

- Multiplayer Friendly

- 1 Command Install

- 22747 characters

- 66 Command Blocks


  • Allows an in infinite amount of storage to be added to a block
  • Easily store items into different storage units
  • Find stored items quickly
  • Dye storage units to remember what is in it
  • Have multiple storage systems in one world
  • Move storage units from one system to another
  • Merge storage systems


To create a storage system, put an emerald block down, with a block of choice on top (put the emerald block in the floor for better accessibility). On the by you chosen block, put a golden pressure plate. To finalise the system, stand on top of it and the pressure plate should disappear.


To add storage to the system, place a block of iron, 1 block above the system (so there is a block of air in between). This will immediately disappear and the storage is added.

To get access to your storage, place a sign on the side of the custom block, and it will turn into a sign with the text "ME System" on it. Click it to call the next chest.

Command Link:

Click this text to get to the command. Make sure that you run the required minecraft version! The command may make your world lag more, so make sure that your computer can handle it! 

I am not responsible for system crashes or loss of your minecraft world. If the command crashes your game, the command might be still in the command block the next time you open it!