Hill Generator

- Minecraft Version: 1.9.x

- Multiplayer friendly

- 1 Command Install

- 17207

- 50 Command Blocks


  • Generate Hills in one click
  • Every hill is unique in size and height
  • Easily generate mountain ranges
  • Perfect for mapmakers
  • Automatically generates grass on top of the hill
  • Grass is generated in random locations


Get an Marker by clicking the top sign. Place the marker on the location where you want the hill to appear. Older markers will be deleted so there will be only one marker at the time. Go over to the machine and press the button. Experience a little lag spike and repeat the process to generate another hill!

Command Link

Click this text to get to the command. Make sure that you run the required minecraft version! The command may make your world lag more, so make sure that your computer can handle it! 

I am not responsible for system crashes or loss of your minecraft world. If the command crashes your game, the command might be still in the command block the next time you open it!