More Achievements

- Minecraft Version: 1.10.x

- Multiplayer friendly

- 3 Command / Structure Block Install 

- 91864 Characters

- 246 Command Blocks

- Production Time: 6 Hours



  • Adds 41 New and Original Achievements to your Game!
  • Create an Achievement book to view all achievements, both the module and the original achievements.
  • Check your book to see which achievements you have gotten, and which you haven't yet.


After Installing the module, which I recommend doing before opening your inventory, just play the game like you always would, until you are at the point that you can afford an enchantment table. Once you placed it down, throw an Book and Quill on it to create an Achievement Book. No you can start achievement hunting!

This Module in your Creation/Video

You are free to use this module in your maps, creations and video's. However do contact me on how you want to use this and for what purpose. You can do this in the Contact section. Never use this module without crediting both my channel and the creation itself.


To give you some information as to what I expect you to do:

  • Basic map, released to the public: Make sure the players know this module is installed and that I created it. Input an obvious tellraw/title with links to my channel and the main Tinkers' Construct video. Contact me whenever you use this map and when you released it. 
  • For Youtube reviews, you are allowed to use this creation of course. Leave the required links in your description. You do not need to contact me, but I would like to know :D.
  • For a youtube let's play, I expect you to leave credit on every video, in the same way as a review, plus, say in the first video that you are using this module. Let me know and send the link to the video where you named it.

Command Links + Structure File Link

Get the commands here:

Make sure that you run the required minecraft version! The command may make your world lag more, so make sure that your computer can handle it! 

I am not responsible for system crashes or loss of your minecraft world. If the command crashes your game, the command might be still in the command block the next time you open it!


Don't know how to install structure files? Click HERE for help!