One - Commands

One-Commands are creations that can be installed into a vanilla minecraft world, and will change the way the game works. Sortof like modding, but without mods! Installation is easy, a simple click or block placement and it's done! Here is a list of all the ones I've made so far.

More Achievements

Go and Collect all 41 NEW Achievements that this Command adds to your Game!

Tinkers' Construct 2

Tinkers' Construct can Create a Smeltery that Doubles ores, and Add's new and Powerful Tools!

Ore Magnets

Create Ore Magnets that will pull up ores to the surface ready to mine!

Random Hill Generator

This generator will generate random sized hills in your world!

Infinite Storage in One Block

Allows you to put an infinite amount of items in just 1 block! 

RollerCoaster Builder

Create awesome rollercoasters using custom physics! Make endless rides and your visitors scream!