Let's Plays

I enjoy recording let's plays. They allow me to teach the audience something while also talking a little more personally to them. I try to have at least 1 let's play running at all times. 

The current let's play on my channel is a mapmaking series. This is season 2, because season 1 failed. I have had a lot of imput from my viewers, who for example send in 20 unique islands which will be used in the map.


In this series I create the map and ask for feedback after each episode. This way, every viewer has a chance to change the map.


The name of the map is "Artifact Islands". It will be a PvP multiplayer map for up to 10 players. 3 times, the players will be devided over the islands, where they will meet 1 other player. The goal is to fight the other contestant as fast as possible. If you kill him/her faster, you will earn more money, which you can use to upgrade, and you have more time to reach the island's Artifact. After the 3 rounds, the players will fight it out on a big island. The last man standing is the winner!


Artifacts are special abilities that can be found on islands. The artifacts will be randomly distributed across the islands. Only 1 player can have each artifact. The artifacts can be used once every battle, and thrice in the big fight at the end.


Current Progress Percentage: 70%

I also play on a vanilla minecraft SMP server called 2OP (too overpowered). I play on this server with various other youtubers. The gist is that we can craft command blocks which we can use to create non-cheaty command systems. There is a set of rules to what we can and can't do though. 


This series is meant to be a little break from just command blocks on the channel, and have some fun together!


List of the other members:

Commandr Moose

A series I do every so often is the portal in minecraft series. In this series I try to recreate elements from the succesful game series "portal", and make my own sequel to it.


This series is streamed on youtube, which allows for a lot of live feedback and interaction between the viewers.


Current Progress Percentage: 80%