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This page is used as a help source for several things you might need to know. Feel free to refer to this page if you find it useful.

Terms of Use

You may play and use my commands, creations, maps and tools freely. If you plan on reviewing my content on youtube or social media, or on your own website (or other sources), you have to link both the creation WEBPAGE and my YOUTUBE CHANNEL somewhere noticable (in your description or your youtube video for example. 


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Installing Structure Block Files

To Install Structure Files:

  1. Download the File from the link on the page. It should have an .NBT extension.
  2. Find the World Save where you want to install it. Do this by doing the following:
    1. Windows - Press [WINDOWS KEY] + r and type in %appdata%. Then open the .minecraft folder. Continue from step 4.
    2. Mac - Press [COMMAND] + [SHIFT] + g. Enter the following in the text box:"~/Library/Application Support/minecraft". Continue from step 4.
    3. Linux - Click HERE to help you find your .minecraft folder. Continue from step 4.
    4. Find saves/[YOURWORLDNAME]/structures/. [YOURWORLDNAME] is the name of the world you want to install the module in. The "structures" folder might not be there. Create the folder if it is not there. Paste the downloaded file in this folder.
  3. Go into Minecraft, and open up the world where installed the file into.
  4. Type "/give @p structure_block" in the chat to get a structure block.
  5. Place the block down and open it by right-clicking.
  6. Click the "[D]" button at the bottom twice, it should turn into "[L]". Type the name of the file you put in the structures folder in the "Structure Name" box (without the .NBT extension), and click the "LOAD" button in the bottom right corner. 
  7. Done! Enjoy your Module!