Technology in Dull Dusks

As in most modded maps, machines play a major role in automating and simplifying your world. This also goes for Dull Dusks. Machines in this pack can be crafted in another machine called the smasher, more about that on it's own page. Of course, other technology in the form of items can also be made in that same smasher. 


The smasher is a machine that can create new machines and other technological items, and smash and compress cobblestone into compressed cobblestone or raw materials found inside of it. 



This machine can break blocks, Its default state is pointing upwards, but using a wrench, you can change its direction. A depot will automatically collect any items broken by the breaker. 



The irrigator is a machine that will make all vanilla plants grow faster, and also hydrate the soil. This all in a 3x3 square on top of the irrigator. 



A grinder will grind down any non player entity down to its bones, dropping their loot. A grinder can be rotated with a wrench in 4 directions and will kill any mob in a 3x3 square in front of it.



The depot is essential for automating item collection. It will collect any item dropped by a breaker and grinder in a 20 block radius. It also functions as a hopper so items can also be moved out of a depot.