Quests in Dull Dusks


Quests are the game changing element of Dull Dusks. It differentiates it from other skyblock and survival maps. Quests are presented in the form of quest books. Every quest book has its own quest to complete, after which a reward will be received.

Quest lines

All quests belong to 1 of the 6 available quest lines. A quest line is a set of 10 quests which all revolve around getting a certain kind of item, finding locations or defeating a certain mob. After completing a quest, the next quest book will be giving to you automatically.

Quest types and tasks

Some quests have a different way of completion than other. Detection tasks are the most common, but also consuming, exploring, killing and retrieving tasks are regularly found.


After completing a quest, you will receive a reward. This reward consists of a new quest book, the next in that quest line, and an item of some sort. Rewards can also be special rewards such as filled chests and the Tick Speed Upgrade.