Botany in Dull Dusks

The next step to growing plants in Dull Dusks is botany. It allows you to grow a wide variation of blocks from plants, which you will need to breed from others. The system is rather coplicated, so an explanation might be required. 

Plant Breeding

Plants, or Crops in Dull Dusks can be bred with eathother to create a new species of plants that produces different items and blocks. By throwing 4 sticks on a hydrated piece of Farmland with a plant planted there, you can create a set of crop sticks. 

The crop sticks are used to breed plants, and are also the only way you can harvest the seeds of newly bred plants. 

You can remove crop sticks by simply breaking the block below it.


The breeding process goes as follows. When you plant one of the later mentioned plants in a crop stick, the crop stick will become 'occupied'. When an occupied crop stick is next to an unoccupied crop stick, the breeding process will start. When the breeding process is done, there is a 50% chance of getting the plant, and a 50% chance of getting weeds, which are useless.

Mutating Plants

You can get new plant species by mutating others. Some of the higher tier plants may require a block underneath the empty crop stick in order to mutate.

Plant Species: Plant to Breed: Block Underneath:
Potatoes Wheat N/A
Melons Potatoe N/A
Glowstone Melon Soulsand
Snow Melon Ice
Grass Melon Mossy Cobblestone
Sand Grass Sandstone
Clay Grass Clay
Ice Snow Packed Ice
Coal Clay Coal Block
Iron Clay Iron Block
Gold Iron Gold Block
Diamond Coal Diamond Block

Harvesting Plants

Now that you have the plant you like, it is time to harvest! Though as every crop, it takes a while before your plant has flourished and will give off its fruit, so to say.

The waiting time varies for every species of plants, and some even require some special 'fertilizer'. You can however, by using some blocks, influence the fruit of a plant. By placing a block on top of the plant and crop sticks (where the output block normally appears) you can make that happen. As said, some plant need a block there to even grow!

Plant Species Fertilizer Block Fruit (output block)
Gold* Iron Ore Gold Ore
Diamond* Coal Ore Diamond Ore
Sand Netherrack Red Sand
Sand Cobblestone Gravel
Grass Coarse Dirt Podzol

* = Fertilizer Block is necessary for the plant to grow. Without that block, the plant will not produce it's fruit.