Creativity is where it starts

An idea, is an opportunity. An opportunity is a goal. A goal, is the key to success!


I have quite a few creations at my disposal. These include little concepts, maps, and the beloved one-commands! Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to find them!

Let's Plays

If you want to learn techniques that I use to create my command block creations, you should check out my let's plays where I either live-stream, or record a video showing my progress!

Hot Topics


This is my latest one-command. This machine allows you to double ore output and the tools can be better than any vanilla one!

Artifact Islands

In this series we make a minecraft PvP map with special abilities. Watch, enjoy and learn!

Portal Streams

The past weeks I streamed the creation of a map based on the game portal. Check it out here!

What is up with Rsdg?

If you follow my channel closely, you might wonder where the consistent uploads and the minecraft-related video's are. Well, first of all, I am extremely busy with school at the moment, even though I am on holyday. I am also trying to redefine my channel and at the same time thinking if I want to continue doing youtube and if I want to alter my subject video's. 

I've been doing this for a while now and you might have noticed that in the video's that I upload. I also played a couple of games for myself and got very interested in the not-having-to-record-a-video-on-it life. Just playing as a normal gamer has never interested me more. 


As for minecraft, as most people, I am slowly getting bored and annoyed by how command blocks limit the possibilities in comparison to real programming languages.


Saying that, I am also close to finishing what we here in the Netherlands call middle school (which simply is the school that students attend before going to college university and specialise in a certain subject).  My exams are in early may and I plan on passing as I am not the worst student ( :P ). After that I have a 4-5 month summer vacation with plenty of time to anything I want to, thus also resurrecting my channel. 


I am going to study computing science and technology, where I will need to code regularly which am extremely interested in. Minecraft has really helped me in discovering my love for programming and computers. (Insert special thanks to mojang here).


MY FUTURE PLANS include making a playthrough of Pokemon Cobalt and Amethist by PhoenixSC and his crew, and finishing all my current project. I WONT LEAVE YOU GUYS WITH FALSE HOPES! This includes Dull Dusks and a one-command or 2. 

I might do some custom scenario's of factorio or a freeplay on youtube if any are willing to watch that. That also depends on my interest towards the game and if that persists. 


Thanks for reading that whole thing (if you did). I really needed to write this, I feel relieved. I hope you don't mind and definetely do not un-subscribe as I might suddenly feel very excited and have some great idea's!